Max Korzh - is a young musician from Minsk, a native of the MU SKOOL get-together, who easily mixes electronic music, rap and intimate singing in his work.

Max started, like many young men, with social rap, and in Belarusian, but rather soon realized that his talent was different. In that he can convey a whole range of feelings and thoughts that are close to many with simple and precise phrases. And do it in a beautiful, hit form.


The story of Max's takeoff is incredibly rapid and happening right before our eyes. In May of 2012, he released his first solo album in Belarus, and a year later he gathered thousands of rooms. His demand for concert promoters became fussy, he performed twice in the “Evening Urgant” program on Channel One, and the presentation of his second album “Live in a high” again broke records — for example, in the capital of Belarus it took place in the 15,000th Minsk-Arena. Also, this album was the best album of 2013 on the version of the channel Muz-Tv.


2016 was another peak in the history of Max. The video “Word of the Kid” became a real event, and at the end of the year, to the loud presentations, a new album “Mature matured” was released, which demonstrated that the artist really matured, but did not lose anything of the merits of his stormy youth.


At the beginning of 2017, the soundtrack to the Russian blockbuster “Attraction” came out with the track “Max Endorfin”. Then Max went on an exotic tour of Iran, and after it - on a tour of the United States. In the summer it became known that the entry into Ukraine, unfairly banned to Max in 2016, was canceled by a court decision. In October 2017, the continuation of the album “Small has matured” was released - and for two months it has not left the top 5 releases of Russian iTunes. The presentations in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and Minsk were a great success: we had to appoint three additional concerts, and in total they were attended by about 40,000 people.

In 2018, I traveled around a big tour of Russia in roomy venues, and the album “Small Matured, Part 2” was among the ten most listened to in Apple Music and Vkontakte, but that's not all! The album “Live in a high” is located on the 25th place, and the album “Small matured, part 1” is on the 42nd line.


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